Toteda Entry Courtyard and Garden

Nestled within walking distance of downtown Palo Alto, a 1939 Monterey colonial Birge Clark house provides the backdrop to a new front entry courtyard framed with Olive trees and a soft-toned plant palette. The simple, yet elegant brick capped walls and brick paving provide a welcoming area centered around a fountain with seating at the edges. Multi-stem Arbutus marinas are living sculptures viewable from the dining and living spaces within the home. Ceramic pots add color and accents to the entry. The garden composition builds upon the symmetry of the architecture.

Existing old oak trees line the property to the south while a row of large magnolias complete the edge of the road way along the sidewalk. The mixture of warm grey tones and soft green hues create an effect of a dry landscape. A gravel-lined driveway, interspersed with creeping thyme, finish this aesthetic.

John Northmore Roberts and Associates provided conceptual and schematic designs, and furnished a full planting plan/list.

Palo Alto, CA

3,300 SF

Client: Toteda Family