Redwood National & State Parks Visitor Center

JNRA, in collaboration with Siegel & Strain Architects and Sherwood Design Engineers, is designing a new Visitor Center for Redwood National and State Parks. The 25-acre Visitor Center development is within a 125-acre parcel owned by the Save the Redwoods League to be donated to the National Park Service upon completion of the site restoration and building construction. The site, an abandoned lumber mill at the edge of ancient old-growth Coast Redwood forests near the confluence of two critically important wild salmon streams – Redwood and Prairie Creeks – has suffered significant environmental degradation, which will be remediated as a central component of the ecologically-based site design. The improvements are being designed to meet all National Park Service standards while reflecting the goals and aspirations of the donor organization.

The new complex will serve as the southern gateway to the North Coast Redwood Region. Site developments that complement the 8,000 sf building will balance ecological restoration with human access to nature. Features include: regional and local trail connections to both the towering old growth forests and the riparian corridors; a continuum of restored native habitats linking the salmon streams, flood plains, wetlands, and elk meadows with native forests; interpretive and educational exhibits; an outdoor amphitheater; ecologically-derived site infrastructure; access and parking for private vehicles, buses, and RV’s; picnic facilities; bicycle rentals; and a proposed canopy walk. The building, sited dramatically near the entry to the forests on high ground, will be visible across the restored landscape and approached through a sequence of spaces that will allow visitors to experience the full natural setting upon arrival.

Orick, CA

25-acre development within a 125-acre property

Save the Redwoods League
National Park Service Pacific West Region

Architects: Siegel & Strain Architects
Civil and Environmental Engineers: Sherwood Design Engineers
Interpretive Designers: AldrichPears Associates Ltd