Point Pinole Visitor Center

JNRA, in collaboration with Shah Kawasaki Architects, prepared a site design study for a new 9,000 sf visitor center at Point Pinole Regional Shoreline. Assessment of optional locations for the new building and its associated site developments within a 90-acre portion of the 2,315-acre park resulted in three alternative conceptual site designs and single preferred concept to be carried through a community outreach and Board approval process.

The visitor center will serve as the primary point of contact for park visitors, with interpretive and educational functions, community facilities, and a regional recreational resource center for the District. Site developments include multiple interpretative gathering areas, an amphitheater, trail links, bus drop off, and parking.

Siting of the new visitor center will reflect the spectacular views of San Pablo Bay and the natural park setting; rich and sensitive resources of the site including native grasslands, freshwater and tidal wetlands, and special status species habitats; cultural heritage of the former explosives industrial developments; seismic hazards; and existing recreational uses.

Richmond, CA

160 acres

Client: East Bay Regional Park District

Architect: Shah Kawasaki Architects

Est. Construction Cost: $9 - $15 million