Muir Beach Big Lagoon/Lower redwood Creek Restoration

JNRA prepared plans for public access & recreation, in concert with wetland restoration designed by PWA and Northern Hydrology Engineers, at the 30-acre terminus of lower redwood creek/big lagoon at Muir Beach in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Phased improvements from 2009–2014 include restored tidal and freshwater wetlands; creek and floodplain habitat restoration for endangered Coho salmon, threatened steelhead trout, and threatened red-legged frog; relocation of a 160-car parking lot with restrooms and picnic tables; installation of a 444′ long-span pedestrian bridge; regional trail linkages; and interpretive features. Site improvements effectively control and separate visitor use from wildlife habitat, allowing both to thrive without conflict at the world’s southernmost wild Coho salmon stream.

Muir Beach, CA

Phase 4 parking and bridge $4,000,000

±30 acre

National Park Service & Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Engineers: Northern Hydrology Engineers, Enginious Structures

National recreational area wetland restoration/ public access

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