Green Gulch Cloud Hall Site Accessibility Plan

Situated in the Green Gulch Valley in West Marin County, Cloud Hall is a former farm building that was converted years ago to become an integral part of the San Francisco Zen Center’s Green Gulch Farm and Wheelwright Conference Center, a Buddhist practice center and retreat. Cloud Hall and the adjoining Zendo sit atop the former creek bed at the center of campus, serving both outside visitors for programmed events and students who reside in its dorm-style housing.

The Zen Center’s long term plans call for ecological restoration and building improvements, including the eventual relocation of Cloud Hall and the Zendo. In the interim, renovations for Cloud Hall to meet current building and accessibility codes were needed in order to continue its use as a residential hall with expanded program functions. The Site Accessibility Plan established code compliant pathways connecting designated parking spaces with the program buildings. Improvements to the site circulation further benefit campus-wide functions as well, including garden improvements along the pathways.

Muir Beach, CA

2 acres

Client: Green Gulch Farm, San Francisco Zen Center

Architect: Siegel & Strain Architects

Site Accessibility Plan

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