El Polin Spring

Among the San Francisco Presidio’s places of rich natural and cultural significance, El Polín Spring stands out. The perennial springs in this sheltered valley attract a wealth of wildlife and have provided water to indigenous people and a multitude of settlers over the last 230 years.

Juana Briones, renowned healer-herbalist and iconoclast from early San Francisco, lived here in the first decades of the 1800s; archaeologists continue to unearth the remnants of a dwelling and other structures from that time. JNRA, working with Presidio Trust staff, developed a site plan and construction documents for controlled public access, protection of cultural resources, and restoration of natural resources, while allowing for further archaeological exploration in years to come.
Habitat restoration began in 2009 and continues in the form of volunteer maintenance. Construction was complete in late 2011.

Presidio of San Francisco, CA

$1.8 million

± 3 acre

Client: Presidio Trust

Enginious Structures

National Park Wetland Restoration & Cultural Resources / Public Access

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