Cupertino City Hall Gardens

Located in the heart of Cupertino, this re-design of the existing landscape along the City Hall’s public frontage replaces thirsty turf with drought tolerant plantings, many of which are native to California.  Additionally, the project includes the re-design of existing planting beds adjacent to Cupertino’s central public plaza, creating a drought tolerant ‘demonstration garden’ and extension of the plaza into the garden.

In response to California drought conditions, the City of Cupertino decided to eliminate City Hall’s turf irrigation and re envision the 1980’s landscape to reflect the current climate. In spite of the dying turf, the City Hall Complex continued to be well used by the public who enjoyed the dappled shade of the existing mature Chinese Pistache allee.  The project embraces the shady canopy and provides richly textured plantings that attract pollinators as well as pedestrians.  Benches and pathways activate a new shady plaza, and offer a place to rest and rejuvenate the senses while enjoying the urban ecology.

Cupertino, CA

Size: 0.5 Acre approx.

Client: City of Cupertino