Blood and Woolley Housing

The Blood and Woolley houses are two locally significant historic buildings that have been relocated, restored, and renovated into a five unit housing compound with common gardens. The buildings were moved to an urban infill site behind Telegraph Ave. in south Berkeley near the U.C. Berkeley campus and across from People’s Park. Approval of this housing project required the coordination of multiple stakeholders and agencies over a ten year period.

John Northmore Roberts and Associates closely collaborated with Seigel & Strain Architects and Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc. in the refinement of the site plan and construction documentation.   Small interconnected garden courtyards provide comfortable and richly textured outdoor rooms nestled between the two houses. In-ground brick seat walls hug the east and west edges providing respite on hot days in the dappled shade of overhead accent trees. Stone paving, brick details, and exotic planting help recreate an era in time.

The gracefully resolved grading and accessibility was particularly challenging in this very constrained site. Construction  completed in 2015.

Berkeley, CA

2.2 Acre

Client: Gordon Commercial Real Estate Services

Architect: Seigel & Strain Architects
Engineer: Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc.

Historic Renovation