Bayer Product Testing Facility

Bayer HealthCare’s new 75,000sf Product Testing Facility is located near the southern entry to Bayer’s Berkeley bio-tech campus. It will serve as the consolidated quality control testing laboratory for the blood plasma products manufactured on site before being packaged and shipped out. In addition to functioning as an integral part of the campus-wide manufacturing process with loading and service facilities, utilities connections, and security features, the site design seamlessly integrates the project into the established campus landscape and urban design framework. Accessible pathways connect pedestrians to the campus core within a lush climate-appropriate landscape; a generous entry plaza with seating serves as a comfortable gathering space for creative interaction among employees along the pedestrian route; convenient bicycle parking is provided; and densely vegetated bio-retention stormwater management systems complement the clean, pure lines of the new contemporary building.

In addition to the various human amenities provided by the site developments, the mandated C.3 stormwater management requirements are creatively integrated into the overall site design. Flow through planters create the interface between the building and its landscaped setting – receiving, cleaning, and detaining all stormwater from the building’s roof before releasing it to the city’s drainage system while also providing seating along the sidewalks. Other impervious surfaces are directed into adjacent planting beds that undergo natural water filtration.

This new building extends the industrial manufacturing facility with its complementary pedestrian-friendly landscape into a previously undeveloped portion of the campus consistent with the long term goals of the campus-wide development plans approved over 20-years ago by the City.

Berkeley, CA

1.5 acres

Client: Bayer, Inc.

Architect (Entitlements): FLAD Architects

Architect (Construction Documents): CRB